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Residential & Commercial AC Repair Services in Garland TX

Air conditioning is a necessity for most people and businesses. Recognizing the possible repairs to your residential & commercial air conditioner system is necessary if you own one.

It maintains the temperature, humidity, and air quality. Regular maintenance is necessary to avoid severe health problems and monetary losses. If there is any problem, you should immediately engage a professional to fix it. If your air conditioner is portable, this will be helpful because it will save your time.

You should not resolve the issue alone because this could lead to more damage and expenses. You must hire a professional to fix the problem quickly.

Rickeys Heating and Air LLC provide residential & Commercial air conditioner repair across the city. We provide 24/7 AC repair services in Garland TX, Richardson TX, Plano TX, Frisco TX, and McKinney TX.

24 Hours AC Emergency Service

If you are in need of emergency ac repair service, Rickeys Heating and Air LLC is the one of best service providers. Air conditioning repair services in metal buildings are not easy to find. That’s because there are not many companies that offer this service. But with a 24-hour ac emergency service, you can be sure that your AC will be fixed within hours of contacting them.

We offer 24-hour emergency air conditioning service and have a team of highly qualified technicians who will arrive at your place as soon as possible. We are in the business for more than 30 years and our first priority is to give clients the best possible customer service.

In the event of an emergency, air conditioner repair is a 24-hour service that can assist individuals. It’s important to always keep the AC systems operating at a fixed temperature. You must immediately solve any problems with the system if they arise. To earn more about our services, get in touch with us right away.


We Provide Affordable Commercial & Residential AC Services

Affordable AC Installation

AC Installation

We are known in the community for providing the most expert services in the field of air conditioner installation. The members of our team can start working immediately, saving both time and money as a result of the fact that they are well-versed in all of the major brands. We are committed to delivering excellent ac repair services. We don’t want you to be trapped in an uncomfortable situation.

Professional AC Repair

AC Repair

The maintenance of each unit calls for a unique strategy, but our approach, in general, involves inspecting the many components of the system, performing maintenance on those components that need maintenance, and carrying out any required repairs. You should be able to have a completely operational air conditioner after all of the components have been returned to their original functioning order.

AC Replacement Services

AC Replacement

Before actually replacing the air conditioner, the old one must be removed first so that it may be salvaged. After the removal of the previous air conditioner, the new one that you purchased will then be fitted. After the installation of the air conditioning system, our trained expert will conduct a final inspection of the system. We’ll analyze your home’s cooling demands and install a system that’s as efficient as possible.

Experienced AC Maintenance

AC Maintenance

If AC is not maintained for years, the effectiveness of an air conditioner will decrease significantly. If you don’t have your unit serviced once a year, it advocates that you’re throwing away more money than necessary since it’s not operating at its full potential. Through the provision of high-quality services, our professionals will maintain your ac and will assist you in cutting down on the amount of energy. that is wasted.

Best AC Repairing Company Throughout Texas

We are devoted to ensuring that you are relaxed in your residence or place of business despite the weather, and we can achieve this goal in several ways, including our 24-hour ac services along with the maintenance and repair of your air conditioner as well as frequent inspections. Your utter contentment has been and will continue to be our number one priority, which is why we make it a point to ensure that the products and services we provide make use of the most durable materials available.

With the assistance of our well-informed staff members, you will be able to choose which residential AC system will provide the best results at the lowest possible cost. We provide specialized maintenance and commercial AC repair services to ensure that the temperature in your living spaces remains at a comfortable level throughout the entire year. Get in touch with us if you want comprehensive AC maintenance at a price you can afford. Our helpful team is here to answer any questions you may have regarding our services and why we believe that we offer the industry’s lowest prices.

Reasons for Getting Services from Rickeys Heating & Air

10+ Years of Experience

We have more than ten years of expertise in the heating and air conditioning sector, which is why you should use Rickey’s Heating & Air. Throughout that period, we have assembled a group of specialists that are among the most devoted and bright in the industry, and they are always happy to provide a helping hand.

Safety First

Our customers are like family, thus it’s important to us that they are in complete protection and our staff are always secure. The well-being of our employees and customers comes before all other considerations, including the needs of the company. All necessary measurements are implemented after taking each and every precaution.

Quality Materials

To guarantee complete satisfaction for our clients, Rickey’s Heating & Air only works with the highest quality components. We would never compromise the quality of our products to increase production levels since we place a higher priority on maintaining our clients’ faith in our company as a whole. We believe more in long-term retention.

Is it necessary to service ac every year?

The AC coil is the most essential component of the air conditioner. It is responsible for cooling down the air and transferring it to your home or office. For long-lasting it is necessary to service you’re A/C every year. Otherwise, you must go for the replacement of your a/c coil in the early stages.

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